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Green Plumbing

Going Green is affordable, practical, durable and healthy. Going Green reflects a deeper spiritual value that people are buying, building, and remodeling with the environment in mind. It means walking as light as possible on earth and leaving virtually no footprints.

Going Green features can include energy-efficient windows and appliances; solar paneling; construction using recycled material or renewable resources; backyard composting; glues and paints with reduced levels of toxic fumes; earth–friendly insulation; and incorporating grasses, plants and shrubs into the landscape to just name a few.

For plumbing, going green can include water saving plumbing fixtures, waterless washers and dryers, waterless urinals and water closets, wastewater and greywater recycling, and hot water delivery to fixtures.

What Makes a Product Green?

Article, Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, March 2008, pg. 48.

A "green" product is one that doesn't harm the environment and may benefit the environment by purifying water or reusing existing materials.

Conserving Water : Water shortages are becoming reality for many areas of the United States. A recent government survey showed at least 36 states are anticipating local, regional, or state wide water shortages by 2013, caused by a combination of rising temperatures, drought, population growth, urban sprawl, waste and excess. We are going to have to become a water efficient nation.

The plumbing industry has been working for years on making products that save water. Advances in innovation have been occuring every year.

Water conservation can:

  • reduce production costs
  • save water resources for future generations
  • protect water quality and the environment
  • expand the life of existing supplies

Humans can live without many things, but we cannot live without clean drinking water. Lets work together to save our water supply and continue to support water saving fixtures.