Dick's Plumbing & Heating of Bemidji, Inc.

Customer Testimonials

Residential Testimonials

Dana Korf, "Dick's Plumbing & Heating was prompt, polite and very thorough!"

Edward Risberg, "Great Service!"

Tammy Gallus, "I am very pleased with the service I received from Dick's Plumbing & Heating!"

Vance Corrington, "I am very pleased with the prompt & courteous response I received from Dick's Plumbing & Heating!"

Ken & Deanna Nichols, "Excellent Service & workmanship! We have always been satisfied with Dick's Plumbing & Heating's Service. Quality of work and customer relations is why we keep coming back!"

Gary Vanyo, "I've done business with you for years and have always been treated well. Triple A Service!"

John Melhus, "Very Nice Job!"

Kevin Schuver, "Prompt Service"

Gary Morgal, "Unbelievably Fast!"

Joanne Torfin, "Same Day Service!"

John Bressler: "Excellent!"

Ken Erie: "The Best!!"

Lois Egglehoff: "Outstanding Job!"

LeAnn Pontius: "Very Reliable Service!"

Darlene Nygaard: "Perfect Service!"

Joanne Boyer: "Very happy with Dick's Plumbing & Heating!"

Donna Muyres: "Very Professional and I couldn't be happier!!"

Jennifer Verdigo: " I would recommend Dick's Plumbing & Heating to anyone. Thanks!"

Ruth Wedell: " Professional Job!"

Nancy Unger: " Great Service!"

Mary Lou Peters: " Dick's Plumbing has been just great!"

Leo Osmundson: " They found the leak, fixed the problem promptly and I am very satisfied!"

Julie Kaiser: " Dick's Plumbing & Heating technicians provide wonderful service, answer your questions and really take care of you!"

Helene Gessell: " Dick's Plumbing & Heating provides Excellent service!"

Bonnie Fullmer: "A job well done!"

Pat Greendahl: "Great Service!"

Marty Carger: "I have trusted Dick's Plumbing for years and will always call them first! Recently on a project they gave me advice over the phone and when the work started it was superior and handled well. I am very satisfied. Thank you for the service"

John and Ann Mathisen: "One thing about plumbers, when you need one you usually really need one. As a long-time customer of Dick's Plumbing and Heating I can attest that service is prompt and efficient and the technicians are always friendly and sympathetic. By it's very nature, plumbing can be a messy job, but our experience has been that a real effort is made to clean up when the job is done, and that is always appreciated. Thank you Dick's Plumbing!"

Bruce Holden: "Great Service"

Ryan McGlynn: "You are on my speed dial. Great Service "

Nancy Foss: "Dick's Plumbing & Heating provides a good service! "

Tom Swanson: "We have used Dick's Plumbing & Heating since 1979 and have been very satisfied with the service."

Mrs. Bob Frazey: "Top of their game. Great Service"

Shannon Anderson: "Great Service"

Dana Morris: "Very pleased with the service. Done right! Clean! "

Mark Lafond: "Professional Work, I'm Satisfied!"

Michelee Unger: "Very professional, Courteous, and Reasonable"

Craig & Ann Hougen: "Perfect! We were very pleased with the service. This project went just as we planned! "

Michelle Hurley: "The Price was right!"

Tammy Phelps: "Dick's Plumbing responded promptly and did a great job!"

Tom Hawkins: "The plumber was very helpful in answering questions and with design of the project!"

Mary & Patrick Miller: "Your technician went above and beyond the call of duty! Very nice job!"

Jack Luoma: "Excellent Service!"

Ellwin & Nancy Raake: "Excellent Service!"

Faye Trihey: "Fantastic Job! Very Pleased"

Jeanne Erickson: "Neatly done! Nice work and your service technicians did a super job of cleaning up afterward. I would recommend Dick's Plumbing & Heating to everyone!"

Joe & Jane Welle: "Absolutely neat, good, hard working guys. We appreciate Dick's Plumbing & Heating's work on all of our projects!"

Lloydee Stonebrink: "I would hire Dick's Plumbing & Heating again in a heart beat! We have a somewhat complicated project. Mike Gregg has been on the job from the get -go and has persevered for 4 + years. Mike actually worked as well as supervised. Dick's Plumbing & Heating has done excellent research to provide the best system for the application required and has consulted with and provided additional resources to manage control systems. Mike & employees are knowledgeable, meticulous, in their work and responsive to owner needs & concerns, including going the "extra mile" to make the finished project aesthetically fit. (Thanks Paul for drilling the rocks for our outside faucets) Mostly we've all had a lot of fun with the challenges. That's Dick's Plumbing & Heating-a positive, "can-do" attitude. Thanks Mike and you all......& just keep doing what you are doing."